Sacred Heart Strings







Sacred Heart Strings is an extra curricular activity that allows students to grow in their faith through a common interest–MUSIC! Who doesn’t love “jamming” with their friends after school?! The group consists of 5th – 6th graders who lead weekly masses, benefits, or any extra activities that are requested. After Christmas, we have the 4th grade group join the SHS group! Our group is growing and learning new music and instruments all the time! We are so grateful to have an opportunity to have a group like this in our parish/school. We hope you feel the same!


Guitar Lessons

Lessons will usually be offered in the church basement after school on Tuesdays beginning at 2:45 pm and continuing until 3:45 pm.
  If parents are unable to pick up their child at 3:45pm, they should ask someone else to pick them up, or arrange for them to go to the “Aftercare” school progam in the school basement. The “Aftercare” school program is full on a normal day, so arranging pick up is ideal.

In addition to regular attendance at the weekly lessons, it is required that students practice at home for at least 30 minutes each day between lessons. Daily practice is important so that the finger tips can become calloused and less paiIMG_6969nful when playing, and so that we can get through the initial phases of learning and can begin to play music for mass as soon as possible.  Since these are group lessons, in fairness to the rest of the
group, students who fail to practice daily and keep up with the group will be asked to suspend lessons and try again next year. It is my goal to have the new guitarists ready to play for at least one of the daily masses before Christmas.

Sacred Heart Strings Consent and Registration Form