Help Us Build A Gym


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The students of Sacred Heart School have a lot to be excited about! After years of going without adequate facilities for physical education, their dream of a gymnasium is finally coming to fruition thanks to the overwhelming support of the community and one very special gift.

An anonymous donor recently presented Sacred Heart School with an incredible opportunity by offering to help create a $200,000 matching fund. This fund makes it possible for the school move forward with this much anticipated and needed project that will have a profound impact on the students and youth of our Tri-Parish community. This funding is in addition to the over $672,000 that has already been donated by community members and businesses.Gym-10

Sacred Heart School has been steadily growing and is in need of a safe space for physical education. For years, the children have relied on the church
basement for classes, however this space is not adequate and it is certainly not safe. The new facility will not only provide a place for gym classes, but it really offers an opportunity for additional recreation as well as encouraging students and community youth to be active.

“We build upon our Catholic faith, to build up our parish, school and community. We will keep the faith strong for generations to come by building our new school gymnasium to ensure the right to exercise our faith.” Fr. Daniel Walz,

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Wednesday May 18, 2016 to kick off this project and the giving campaign.

                                               Total Base Bid:                    $1,154,134.00
                                               Contributions to Date:        $   672,300.00
                                               Balance:                               $   481, 834.00 

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