The teachers at Sacred Heart School use a variety of materials to teach skills and concepts to our students.  In addition to these text books, teachers utilize supplemental resources and season activities.  At times, we work together as a whole school on special projects using mixed age groups.  We try to integrate technology into out curriculum areas as appropriate at each grade level.  The following is a list of main resources used.


  • Christ Our Life – Loyola Press
  • Pflaum Weekly Lessons
  • Jim Otremba (First Sacraments)


  • Rowland Reading Foundation (Superkids) – Grades K – 2
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Journeys) – Grades 3-5
  • AR Advantage Learning System


  • Rowland Reading Foundation – Grades K-2
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – Grades 3-5


  • Rowland Reading Foundation / Zaner Bloser – Grade K-2
  • Universal Publishing


  • Saxon Math
  • Accelerated Math – Grade 6

Social Studies


  • Interactive Science – Pearson


Testing Program

SHS uses the following nationally normed standardized tests to help monitor individual student achievement and help us evaluate the curriculum program.

  • Grades K-1: 360 Early Literacy Assessments.  Learn more HERE
    • Kindergarten will use as needed to help place high students
    • First grade will use the test at least three (3) times per year, following guidelines as to when students move on to “STAR” testing
  • Grades 2-6: 360 STAR reading and math tests taken quarterly or more frequently as directed by the teacher.  Learn more HERE
    • Some students in first grade will be using the STAR test in place of the Early Literacy Test.
  • Grades K-1: Arizona Instrument of Measure (AIMS) Web Reading and Math Tests given in September, January, and May. Learn more HERE
    • Teachers may choose to do progress monitoring tests to track progress/interventions.
  • Grades 2-6: Monitoring Academic Progress (MAPS) Reading and Math Tests (currently administered at Melrose Public School) September. January, and May Learn more HERE