About Us

The Mission of Sacred Heart School

Led by the Holy Spirit and supported by the parish communities, Sacred Heart School
unites students, families and staff in their spiritual, social and academic journeys.
We strive to inspire, challenge, and empower one another to go forth and touch the world with the knowledge, values, and gifts with which God has blessed us.

We Believe

We believe each child is a gift from God.

We believe that parents are the primary teachers of their children.

We believe in guiding children to recognize their talents and opportunities as God’s guidance for their lives.

We believe that the integration of academics and Catholic values is fundamental to the education and development of our students

We believe in utilizing various instructional strategies to encourage and assist students in reaching their unique educational goals.

We believe in kindness and respect for and from all, resulting in a safe and accepting learning environment.

We believe that God’s creation of the earth calls us to be responsible stewards who love and serve others in our local and global community.

We believe in modeling and creating a life-long love of learning.